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Eliza Jayne is a  model, actress and photographer from Pennsylvania. Ms. Jayne began modeling as a teenager, and has been behind the camera since she was 10. Eliza has seen her work published many times in her career, and has won various awards for both modeling and her exquisite photography.

As a teen Ms. Jayne was a finalist in a Miss Pennsylvania pageant, won the title of Miss Hanover Emerald Gem and was a spokes model for several national companies. Just recently she won an online contest for Buffalo Trace Bourbon, and earlier this year she was selected from a huge field of hopefuls, and named spokesperson for a national convention held in California. In addition, Eliza has also done promo work for many national companies, appeared on numerous television shows, national radio programs, and is currently being looked at for upcoming movie roles.

Her interest in the Paranormal has also been part of her paths calling for many years as well, which has lead her to furthering the need to investigate and study the Field.  She has been able to join different groups and people, and been able to investigate from Gettysburg and it’s battlefield, to the Hudson Valley NY area to the ”The Shanley Hotel”.

And most recently, she was picked during a Casting Call to join as a New Recruit for “Paranormal Task Force” “aka” PTF.  Who just finished filming several Episodes of a TV Show called “HAUNT U”, which has been Airing on Comcast’s ON DEMAND’S “Paranormal TV” station.   Where she and another New Recruit, are trained on investigative techniques and equipment, and then sent out to use their training to investigate, ”Eastern State Penitentary” in Philadelphia PA.

The entire show can be watched still, and several segments can be watched here, and more will be coming:

Despite a demanding schedule, Eliza Jayne keeps her Photography company running full throttle for new Clients, scheduling in her Modeling and acting, and keeping enough time for her interest in the Paranormal ! Ms. Jayne is always looking for new adventures and avenues to take in her career, the sky is the limit there is no telling where her motivation and ambition will take her.